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Statement from Green Savoree St. Petersburg LLC on 2020 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg Ticket Purchaser Credits

On Saturday evening (March 14), 2020 ticket purchasers on file for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg were notified of the credit being offered for the cancelled event. This communication was via email to each individual impacted, and posts were also placed on social media and the event website. This decision was not made lightly and was formed from research done across live sports, music and entertainment events nationally. It also considered unique temporary, purpose-built venues like ours which had events cancelled due to these extraordinary circumstances. The Green Savoree St. Petersburg LLC credit offer provides options to ticket purchasers and flexibility through 2021 that extend beyond the policy accepted and agreed to at the time of purchase which is ‘No refunds or exchanges. All sales final.’ This policy is posted on the event website, the point of purchase ticketing system used and agreed to at time of purchase by customers, and on the back of each event ticket. The applicable language of the policy as printed on the event ticket is provided below, and is customary and standard in the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event impacting us all. We hope our fans can understand and support us in this complicated situation.

Link to 2020 ticket purchaser communication from Saturday, March 14.

Below is an excerpt of the applicable language from back of event ticket.

I am not entitled to a refund, replacement ticket, or other event admission material, or to payment for any damages of any kind for any reason from IndyCar or GSSP or Andersen including, without limitation, lost/damaged ticket, cancellation, shortening, rescheduling, or other alteration of the event. All sales are final – no money refunded or exchanges.